Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To build a halfcircle

How to form a sideways knitted and half-circle (or half-doughnut) scarf, shaped by short rows in the stocking stitch section. It is knitted along with the lace border as one piece. Apply your own lace edging design - please remember to choose a pattern which is loose enough to stretch during blocking. I used rib lace and openwork rib lace versions.

After the straight beginning:
     1.  2 rows N
     2.  1 row BX (put pushers rest position as the chart indicate)
     3.  carriage on the left: hook yarn to the nearest needle with pusher in rest position 
     4.  1 row BX
     5.  repeat from step 1.

The chart in pdf format available free in Google Documents: here


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  2. Hi! I'm really enjoying your lace pattern. could you define BX and N as you use it here? im a bit confused


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