Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snowflakes lace

The first attempt is made from an acryl yarn. The result is a somewhat stiff scarf so the lacy pattern is displayed perfectly, but it has not at all the soft touch I was awaiting.
Colour: dark beige (light caramel, wheat)
Measurements: 65" x 8"
Yarn: Rosarios4 Pluma (100% acrylic)

Első próbára egy akril fonalat használtam. A végeredmény enyhén merev lett, így a csike minta szépen mutat, de egyáltalán nem olyan puha mint ahogy azt vártam. 
Szín: bézs, (világos karamell)
Méret: 165cm x 20cm
Fonal: Rosarios4 Pluma (100% akril)

The next try is a cowl, this time from my favourite silk and mohair blend yarn.  Now the finished item is much more softer and the pattern still shows itself absolutely.
Colour: snow-white
Measurements:  25" and 15"
Material: Barka Vattacukor (25% silk, 75% super kid mohair)
machine knitted mohair silk lacy cowl

Következő alkalommal a kedvenc selyem-mohair fonalamat használtam egy kámzsa megalkotására. Most sokkal puhább lett a végeredmény, a minta pedig így is tökéletesen látszik.
Szín: hófehér
Méret: 65cm x 35cm
Fonal: Barka Vattacukor (25% selyem, 75% super kid mohair)
machine knitted mohair silk lacy cowl
machine knitted mohair silk lacy cowl
machine knitted mohair silk lacy cowl


  1. Gorgeous! I love it. Can you please tell me the name of the stitch you used? Any chance you would share it?

    1. Dear Karla,
      It is a machine knitted tuck stitch pattern.
      I have planned to post about how to handknit it... (the pattern uses "dropped stitches" and "knit into the stitch below"...). But until then here is a Ravelry link (in german):
      Happy knitting,

  2. Thank you so much Foldi! I really appreciate it.
    Can I ask you for another favour please? Can you tell me the stitch used in your "smoke icicle" cowl? I just took a lace knitting class, and I think it will be a good project for a beginner.
    Please let me know if you ever write a book. Your work is amazing.
    Thanks again,

  3. Hello, this really is a beautiful pattern! Seconding the commenter above, would you please consider releasing this pattern? And the pattern for the smoke icicle cowl? I was planning on starting a new knitting project soon and this would be just perfect.
    Thank you,

  4. how do you do that?
    you have a pattern?
    A video?

    hogyan csinálod, hogy?
    van egy minta?
    A videó?

  5. Hi have you made the written pattern for this beautiful snowflake lace.
    Thank you for your time. 😊


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